Qoya movements meet me where I am which at the start of class is usually tight. Before long my experience becomes expansive and spacious and by the end of class I am able to rest comfortably in my body.
— Joanie
For me, Qoya has become a physical outlet for me to really embody my spiritual growth. It’s a beautifully guided way for my body to take part in a spiritual journey that can otherwise remain locked in the head, as a mere concept. Revanna embodies the Qoya principles of letting our female bodies experience and live out our spiritual journeys — and ultimately don’t we have to embody this growth at the physical level for it to become integrated and real? Qoya completes this experience for me and I’m so thankful it has come to Winnipeg!
— Tracy
If you want a form of exercise that creates a space to find your authentic self through movement and contemplation, Qoya is a perfect fit!
— Jane
An amazing gathering of Women! From the first Qoya Class, I experienced a vast shift as my grateful body became conscious of new way to feel good with the integration of this wonderful teaching and combination of gentle guidance, dancing with intention, deep listening, yoga as prayer, and mindful breathing. I find my body craving this practice. Learning to express my true self through movement in my body has been life changing. Thank you Revanna!!!!
— Jane
Qoya makes me feel alive, energized and full of enthusiasm about life. It’s a great, great way to be with, move, and share one’s experience with other women who want to explore and awaken their wild and luscious life energy ...
And what a fun way to exercise as well as deepen the connection with my body! Thank you so much for bringing Qoya to Winnipeg.
— Ulla
Qoya provides a safe, strong and supportive container for connecting deeply with the wisdom of our bodies while simultaneously opening our hearts, clearing our minds, embracing our Divine light and confronting our Divine shadow. The work out is intense and many of the components that make up a class are so insanely fun it hardly feels like effort! The grace, spirit and presence with which Revanna leads the classes reflects a commitment to the inner work that this unique practice will definitely help grow in you.
— Beth